Eternal Charitable Foundation is a not for profit initiative to provide Value Based Education to the Rural & Under-privileged, building a strong edifice for Women Empowerment, primary Health & Social Welfare.


India lives in its villages, yet the contribution of village folks to the economic boom has remained insignificant even today. The potential of these regions to become strong pillars of support for country’s self-sustained growth remains unexplored due to severe disability of its rural people, the root cause of which is illiteracy.

While the Government is certainly making all efforts to boost the literacy rate, but real concerns being identified now relate to more subtle aspects i.e human values, leadership, creativity, innovation, abilities & capabilities being attained by a youth, which only, can ensure that true potential of major India is being unlocked.

The immediate need is to bring the rural talent on an equal platform of opportunities, nurture and attract the simplest and most deprived human talent; by educating, enshrining and empowering them with a learning system that is inclusive & value-based, leaving alone our geographical outlines in the national interest.

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SMART : Securing Mainstream through Academics & other activities for Rural Transformation ensuring holistic education, inclusive growth to youth & women equity in the society.


The Solution

To embed values in a child when his mental software is being formed and neuron pathways are getting generated. A child with such seeds embedded within, will be a good, harmonious, happy and productive human being with elevated thinking. He will catalyze positive change wherever he goes, through the qualities that he will demonstrate and live by; thereby shaping society and standing out by their simplicity and sensitivity, leading to a peaceful, sustainable, more equitable world.
Let’s together build India’s first value based education chain for rural transformation.

Rural School Education
Health Care
Women Empowerment
  • Defying all odds, eradicating constraints, ECF is devoted in bringing cost-effective, yet quality oriented Value Education to door-step of villagers, on a module designed to be self-sustainable. A glimpse at radiant faces of the children across the campus gives ...
  •
  • ECF further extends the Concept of Value Based Education to ensure inclusiveness in education of Rural youth, through a chain of schools & colleges offering wide spectrum of Job Oriented U.G, P.G Level & Diploma Courses with strategic career guidance & support...
  •
  • With your generous support ECF serves thousands of Poor Rural Patients through a fully-functional state-of-the-art Charitable Hospital in the backward rural Himalayan region, offering ultra-modern medical facilities & treatment. Additionally, medical & plastic surgery...
  •
  • Empowering women is the cementing force behind progressive Rural & National Uplift. ECF undertakes multi-faceted initiatives ranging from promoting higher education, Free Teacher Training , Skill development programs to internal Job Creation, Exclusive Women
  •

Each young student moving out from these schools helps touch-inspire-move the local population in his society, influencing & improving live through several others in his immediate circle.
Get Involved

There are more than one ways through which you can support this initiative to enable ECF continue maintaining & expanding its activities to more villages & achieve our mission. You can offer support in general or for a specific cause through means of CSR Funds, Finance, Products, Time, Shared Sources, Technology, Relationship or any other way you can suggest.


Every support/effort rendered, Big or small, makes a beautiful difference to the life these children, opening a gateway for them to witness the joy of living through childhood, the way they deserve.


  • Visitors from India and abroad frequently come to see the functioning of the Rural Schools, Eternal University, Charitable Hospital and other centers set up from time to time. Impressed by the excellent facilities and their interaction with the students and the staff, they feel pleasure in recording their views. Some such comments are reproduced here.
    The beauty of the mountains is only elevated by the inner beauty present throughout this property and its inspired undertaking. Forging whole people with strong technical skills and education with a core of values and dedication to service is both a fine example and a great gift. The vision of Baru Sahib transcends borders and cultures. It has been a singular honor to celebrate US Independence Day in such an inspiring environment with inspiring people. Thank You Baba Ji!!!
    Richard Silver
    US Embassy,
    ChanakyaPuri, New Delhi

  • Today on 28.11.2009 I'm delighted to visit and to be the Chief Guest at the Annual Sports Meet of Rural School Mander. All the competitions were captivating. The atmosphere of the Academy is also very spiritual and sacred. Worthy Principal Madam and staff members are playing a significant role perfectly to get the Academy on the track of success in the field of study and sports. This Academy is like a lighthouse in such a backward area. It directs a path to the students and is successful in giving doctors and engineers to our country. So, I pray to God, may this academy prosper and — Akal Ki Kripa (by the blessings of the Almighty). I am finding no words to express my feelings, the way the management, staff and children are so well mixed up with each other, one feels proud of it. I wish if I could go back to my childhood to join this academy as a child and could have done better than I am today. I pray to Akal Purakh (God), that all success comes to the Academy and children.
    Ranbir Sarang
    Asst. Station
    Director, Doordarshan, New Delhi

  • Today, whatever I observed by visiting the school is, in true sense, admirable. There should be more such type of schools in our nation. No child should remain uneducated. This school is located in such an area where its necessity is felt most. By observing the school, I felt that bright future is waiting for students ahead. This is my wish that the school should provide education at the optimal, so that they become the pride of the school and let the name of the school shine bright.
    Banarsi Lal Chawla
    (Father of Kalpana Chawla)
    Karnal (Haryana)

  • We had an opportunity to visit the Academy at Baru Sahib on the occasion of the Annual Day. It was a wonderful experience. We were blessed to meet Baba Ji who has devoted his life to a mission divine. We also met dedicated volunteers who were very inspiring. The Academy and the other Institutions setup under the auspices of the Eternal University are of world class and even beyond with a humane, spiritual & value-based diversion. We pray to God that the Institution prospers & progresses as per the vision of the great Saints.
    Surendra Singh Khurana
    Former Chairman, Railway Board, MD/IRWD; Bhivagi
    Bridge, Behind Shankar Market, New Delhi

  • Today I had the good fortune of visiting Baru Sahib which is developing into a place of high learning and excellence. I am sure that with the blessings of "Akal-Purkh" (Almighty)and hard work of the Sangat(volunteers), this place will not only be a place of learning but shall also develop into a Holy Place "Tirath Sthal" in the coming years. May God Shower His Blessings on all!
    Prof. PK Dhumal
    Chief Minister,
    Himachal Pradesh

  • It is much more than that what I had heard. This is a place worth visiting and the movement, worth taking a part in. Students of villages are being given free education and all other facilities. The Rural School results are highly impressive. Government of India, Indian State Governments & Punjab Chief Minister should adopt this as a Model. Foreign students are happy!
    Tarlochan Singh MP (RS)
    Former Chairman, National Minorities Commission,
    New Delhi


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