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Akal Academy Balbehra wins Sant Attar Singh Ji Knowledge Quest - Muktsar's Sukhman Kaur 1st in Speech Competition: 15 Feb 2014~Chandigarh: The Kalgidhar Trust, Baru Sahib organized a seminar on the subject of “Re-Kinetising Education” at Baba Makhan Shah Lubhana Auditorium during which ‘Sant Attar Singh Ji Knowledge Quest’ Finals were held. Akal Academy Balbehra students won after going through 30 rounds of selection amongst 250 participants coming from Punjab, Haryana & Rajasthan making their way into the finals.

In the competition, Akal Academy ReethKheri got 2nd position; Govt. Senior Secondary School (Samrala) won 3rd position while Alpine School participants were honored with award of appreciation. Also during the event, in the speech competition, Akal Academy Muktsar’s student Sukhman Kaur won the 1st position & Aasra-Baraarh won 2nd position; the participating students, especially the winners received blessings from Trust’s chairman Baba Iqbal Singh Ji.

Special Guest Dr. Khem Singh Gill (Ex Vice-Chancellor, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana) & Vice-President, The Kalgidhar Society presented the awards. On the occasion, it was announced that the students who choose to continue their studies with Eternal University or Akal Academy shall receive discounts in form of scholarships & tuition fees. The organizers also expressed that the main objective of the initiative is to curb the increasing social evil of drugs addiction & to free the social environment through the medium of Anti-Addiction rallies & other strategic ways to create awareness amongst people.

Astounding 16 Medals won by Akal Academy Sangha in Olympiad Tests: Young 3rd & 4th Graders of Akal Academy Sangha gave a marvellous performance & won 16 medals for the Academy in the recent Olympiad tests. The 16 medals included 2 Golds & 2 Silvers in – Mathematics, Science & English each, 2 Bronze in Mathematics, 1 Bronze in Science & English each.

“We are very proud & happy that these young rural students have portrayed such performance & showcased confidence no less than city school kids in the popular Olympiad test. This indeed gives us great sense of achievement both personal & towards the goal of the organization, the Kalgidhar Trust, Baru Sahib of bringing about a Rural Transformation. I am typically happy about the performance in English language test”, quoted Headmistress Ms. Baljeet Kaur whilst sharing the details of the test results.

~ Ramandeep Singh
~ New Delhi, 14th Feb ’14

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Akal Academy Teachers Learn & Evolve Relentlessly:
Specially facilitated with training workshops, innovative brainstorming sessions and much more…

Teachers, the very lifeline of all Akal Academies; in order to maintain their upkeep in their responsibility to teach the rural students in the most utmost way so as to make them much competent to secure a place in mainstream with the city youth, always stay in an ‘acquiring mode’.

The culture of being a constant learner (i.e. a Sikh), does not only include students, but teachers too. All our teachers keep close with the teachers’ community, through which they observe regular meetings within the academies, where each one of them put forth their experiences, suggestions, new techniques and share the outcomes with other teachers of other academies.

The collective outcomes are then shared with the honorable Advisor – Health & Education, who in turn evaluates these innovative ideas and suggestions and finally designs new guidelines/policies and floats it across academies with instructions for immediate application.

“The indifferent environment of different rural villages at times require customized teaching techniques, be it explaining principles of science, algorithms of Maths or even simply teaching a language for that matter, can require a lot different from the city school procedures to be adapted to fit into the rural frame of schooling”, cited a teacher, who recently proposed several innovations and reforms in teaching English language.

“For an instance, you can take the case of teaching English – in normal city environment, the task is a lot easier as the urban environment of youth – like habits of watching English programs, music, friend-circle that speaks English, etc, provides a natural ancillary platform for practical application and practice of the language, especially spoken, which virtually eradicates the need of emphasizing much upon the spoken part, whereas the social environment in villages call for special measures & concepts to be designed to fulfill this environmental gap an inorganic way”, expressed Mrs Manpreet Kaur, teacher Akal Academy, Cheema.

Below are some pictures from a session of teachers’ training workshop held at Akal Academy Uddat Saidewala where teachers received critical teaching technique adaption update instructions for Mathematics & English Subjects by the honorable Advisor – Health & Education; post workshops, the head of training submits feedback upon its understanding and effectiveness to the advisory committee.

~ Ramandeep Singh
~ New Delhi, 26th Nov ’13

Students Achievements

Kabir - A Financial Consultant with KPMG looks back
Through the medium of this letter, I, Kabir Nanda wish to pay my homage to my school at Baru Sahib – the Akal Academy, where I spent the most crucial years of my schooling whilst receiving my 10th & 12th grade education.

To quickly introduce myself – I belong to Chandigarh and I am currently working with KPMG in the IT advisory as a consultant with the responsibility of looking after company audits; I cleared my 12th in 2009 from Baru Sahib with a score of 85% before completing my Engineering in Computer Science from Chitkara University in Badi.

My father is into computer education business running a publishing house while my mother contributes to the business through her writing; ever since I was a child(in 5th standard) my father would often visit Baru Sahib for promotion of books & ever since then we had a desire for sending myself to Baru Sahib Akal Academy for Schooling – but this couldn’t happen until my 9th grade schooling due to feasibility issues. Fortunately, even though for a couple of years, I was finally admitted there for my 10th grade schooling.

At Baru Sahib, the experience was sensitizing; the environment was free of distractions, it helped students develop immense focus & with focus came the discipline; I still remember how it affected my performance, I scored a record breaking 92 in Hindi during my 10th board examination, which still remains a record supposedly. I could easily sense & compare the difference, the difference between all those years of city schooling to what I was getting now at Baru Sahib – just about everything was contributing towards quality of education at Baru Sahib, be it the distraction free environment; the spirituality factor; or the carefully mastered routines that students are made to follow.

Besides all of the above, I still remember No Pocket-Money Concept – I know it sounds a bit awkward, but if you ask any of the students including myself, it was a blessing in disguise, it too helped us to be focused & disciplined; the concept would only allow us to shop once every month with an assigned budget during a picnic that was organized by the academy; no random buying was allowed otherwise.

Another reason for me writing this letter has been some amount of criticism that I too have come across on certain occasions; more often than usual, people do show their negative concerns about disciplined regime followed at the Academy, so to all fellow students & anyone who wishes to know the real fact – the truth is that anyone who has been or is at the academy loves being there, there’s absolutely no parallel to the environment being offered there for the students. I would recommend it to everyone & would tell everyone there to enjoy the exclusivity which they really going to miss once they pass out.

As of now, I am planning to do my masters from abroad after gaining some work experience for a while. In the distant future, I am inspired from Baru Sahib to open up an old age home for neglected parents because I feel with the growing urbanization & modernization this problem has been increasing manifolds.

~Love & Regards Kabir Nanda.

The exuberating Divine environment charges everything that resides at Baru Sahib
I would like to start my introduction with lots of love to everyone connected to Baru Sahib…I am Gaurav Pandey, an alumni of Akal College of Engineering & Technology, Batch 2012, currently working as a Business Development Executive with a Mohali Based company named “Smart Data” ever since after completion of my B.Tech in Computer Science from the Eternal University, Baru Sahib.

Being a person belonging to a simple family of Varanasi, my experience with Baru Sahib has been extraordinary & incredibly transformative; my father works as a senior auditor at Allahabad Bank & my mother is a housewife, so my career, beyond my admission to a good college, was dependent solely on my own self & the choices I make. Luckily, this was the time Baru Sahib came into picture & I got admitted there for my B.Tech.

At Akal college, the life is entirely different from the outside world, it’s exclusive; the experience in terms of ambience, environment, the routines followed, the serenity infused by the presence of the temple & the unique transformative system of learning that beautifully blends academics with spirituality is exuberating, it’s appears as if the whole environment charges everything that resides in itself in the sensitizing valley of Baru Sahib.

I feel deeply transformed & inspired by the incredible vision & excellence of the teachers & the staff members at the university who lead students by example, showing them the true path towards leading a virtuous & successful life.

On the career front, I currently plan to gain more experience at job so I can later be in a position initiate my own business. Towards the society, I feel currently there’s need to save the environment & planting trees can be of much help, hence I would appeal everyone to do their bit on this front.

For fellow students, I would like to share that it’s important to stay focused in life, hence stay focused to get what you want or trying to get & one day you will surely reach there.

~ Gaurav Pandey, Alumni of Akal College of Engineering & Technology

My 'Soft Skills' were programmed by Eternal University
Today is a special day for me; my day of promotion at my current job at ‘Accenture-Gurgaon’, after completing my first year of service as a ‘Software Developer’ today. Perhaps the reason I decided to pen down this letter of regard & honor to my University – Eternal University Baru Sahib.

In the previous months I have been reading about Akal Academies & their alumni; though I didn’t get a chance to be at one of the Academies but I could well relate my experience at the Eternal University Baru Sahib with that of the Academy Alumnus.

I originally belong to Rohtak & passed out from Akal College of Engg. & Tech. under Eternal University in July 2012. The experience of being there, the blissful life and the time spent there. Never in my life I have had such an experience of living, the way I had at Baru Sahib. Besides polishing my software development skills I learned a lot about life from Baru Sahib – I learnt about human values & the core of spiritualism; it was at Baru Sahib that I got Baptized into Sikhism by taking up ‘Amrit’, I could feel the positive vibes all around and inside myself. The serene environment & the spirituality provide great help on the academic front, which is backed by an excellent faculty which leads by example.

I am indebted to each person there, the Teachers, the Principal, the staff members, who gave me all that I possess now alongside an unparallel motivation that will continue to propel my life & career till the end of time. On the career front, the experience began right from University – we were given guidance to ourselves coordinate with the companies to arrange for campus placements, I remember how great it felt to visit companies like HCL to align placement programs. Luckily, I myself got picked up by ‘Pyramid Consulting’ alongside 5 others right after we completed our software engineering.

About my parents – My Dad works as a cashier at Canara Bank & my mother was an Ex-Supervisor at PGIMS, Rohtak; she passed away last year – it was a difficult time for me, especially to handle things at both personal & professional end at the same time, but through courage & strength I received from Baru Sahib, in the form of ‘Amrit’, I was able to put myself together bounce back.

In the society, I feel the spiritual & human-values element is missing from Education & Medics; I realized this especially when I saw the medics at the hospital while my mother was under treatment; I realized the relevance of Human values & spiritual element through this entire episode in my life. I am hopeful that in the coming times more organizations will start following education module similar to the Kalgidhar Trust & its Academies to fulfill the gap of Human Values & Spirituality which lack in our societies in the prevailing times.

About my Career – In the upcoming times, after gaining the required experience, I plan to start my own software company. Before & alongside my job I have done several freelance projects as a developer in Java & PHP language.

My messages to fellow students – whatever you do in life, do it with patience and full confidence; always remember to be yourself.

~Jaspreet Singh Gulati

Programmed for the FUTURE - Parminder Singh makes it happen at HCL
My SatSriAkal to everyone, especially the blessed people connected to The Kalgidhar Trust – Baru Sahib. I, Parminder Singh, feel blessed to have had best of both worlds during my schooling & graduation years, for I was fortunate enough to be able to attend Akal Academy Baru Sahib and later the Akal College of Engineering & Technology at Baru Sahib.

With blessings of Baru Sahib & the grace of almighty, I am currently working with HCL Technologies as a Software engineer; this is my first job for which I received placement through the Eternal University in July 2012, soon after I completed my graduation.

Currently located in Noida, I originally belong to a middle class family from Rajpura Patiala. My childhood saw a difficult time when my father passed away while I was 3 1/2 years old; it was my bold mother & grandfather who managed the load of the family & also fulfilled my father’s wish of getting me admitted to Baru Sahib.

I did my entire schooling from Akal Academy Baru Sahib and passed my 12th in 2008. It doesn’t escape me for one moment that how beautiful & enlightening my experience has been in the divine valley. I received a complete package of overall development – from sports to extracurricular; to proficient academics exceptionally blended with the element of spirituality; there was nothing that the teachers could be better at, they were the best, and they gave us guidance on each front.

Amidst busy schedules now, I am able to realize the importance the ‘Paath’ that they made us practice each day; even if I don’t find time to sit at one place now, I am able to do it on the go – all thanks to the Baru Sahib Regime & the devoted teachers who have instilled the ‘Paath’ within me.

I sincerely wish to thank all my teachers & mentors for everything I am & everything I know today; I often recall Amarjeet Sir, who taught us Physics during 11th class. Everything learnt at Baru Sahib is benefitting me manifolds in my practical life – I would specifically like to mention about English here because the Academy gave us a really strong foundation & command over the language that I am now able to feel as I stepped into the city life.

When I was in 9th standard, I had developed a clear vision; a goal to be a software developer, hence now I feel there’s nothing better I could’ve asked for. Since my goal is achieved, I now look forward for better opportunities & positions; and since I am earning for myself now, I am planning to go abroad to pursue my masters. I am hopeful that wish graces of Almighty & the blessings received from Baru Sahib & all its members, my wishes would be granted.

In the society, I feel the quality of education needs to improved on General, not all schools, rather most schools I would say, are not providing education the way Akal Academy does. In today’s time, it’s crucial to switch to values based education learning module for students, so that they learn to adapt the good things they learn about rather than just studying for the heck of good marks & degrees. Becoming good citizens should be the agenda of education instead of getting good marks alone.

To all the parents of children, I would like to recommend them to send their wards to Akal Academies because religious/spiritual knowledge is as critical as scientific element of education. Especially in rural & remote regions, the children remain unaware of their origins/religion as there is nobody who teaches or makes them away of their heritage & values, hence it’s important that parents should take the wise call and send choose the right school for their children.

My Regards & Wishes to my Baru Sahib family!

My Spiritual Journey to Sikhism, my career & the Golden Years at Baru Sahib Akal Academy
While most of Sikhs get Sikhi as a gift of heritage through their parents, for me, it came through an extraordinary odyssey –  a journey through the most beautiful & golden years of my life, my days of schooling at Akal Academy Baru Sahib.

Originally from village Moga, I was born to Nirmal Singh(my father), a farmer with a typical agrarian look of our family based in Punjab (Cut-Surds), wherein he usually looked worried working hard to earn a livelihood for the family. My mother is a home maker and we kids – me & my sister, had nothing or very little knowledge about religion & spirituality – the case is the same with most rural families of Punjab, the rural children are hardly aware of any values whatsoever, be it spiritual or religious.

Like most families at my village, my family too was indulged into alcohol consumption; alcohol & non-vegetarian intake was much a part of my father’s diet (rather an addiction) even though my father’s earning could barely meet our expenses.

But things changed; with the blessings of Almighty, from nowhere, the twist of my school change came in – post my 5th standard my father decided to send me to Baru Sahib – Akal Academy. At Baru Sahib, it wasn’t only the things that changed, but a lot more – I changed, from a non-follower cut-surd into a ‘Pooran Gursikh’, the spirituality was instilled into me alongside academics and this was done through action – our teachers, like Guru’s of Gurukul, led us by example… Dr. Ravinder Singh Ji’s life motivated me…I learnt to be earthy seeing him; on the whole, Baru Sahib inspired me & everyone else I can remember, to be good, be selfless.

The effect of Baru Sahib was not just confined to me – like a chain reaction, it travelled from Baru Sahib to me to my entire family – my family transformed, especially my father, he gave up alcohol consumption and even stopped the intake of non-veg diet, which improved the state of our family including provision of education & schooling for my younger sister, who is at present studying at Baru Sahib.

The spiritual element that is infused by Baru Sahib’s Academies into students, does not only help imbibe values but also gives a subtle edge to academics in a huge way; the 5 years I spent at Baru Sahib gave me a strong foundation for life itself, I managed to score 96% in my 10th examinations at Akal Academy.

I am currently pursuing Mechanical Engineering from Petroleum University & with grace of God I have already received a job offer from L&T Company; I am also planning to go abroad for further studies. For the society & people at the villages I would want to say that education is the key to transform & uplift a life and feel empowered. I feel Baru Sahib & the academies are doing a great job in providing efficient schooling & education to the rural children – I wish to appeal to people to help The Kalgidhar Trust of Baru Sahib, increase its reach by helping them with their Daswand’s to help them build more schools, to help prevent our families and youth from Drug/Alcohol abuse.


I visited Baru Sahib in connection with the camp organized by Rural School Baru Sahib & Guru GobindSingh Study Circle. I had heard about this place. Today I was really astonished to see it in reality. Hats-off to the visionary who had the vision for this place way back in 1959. The organization is doing the best service to the society by providing quality education to the children, mainly free education to children of local poor people. Education is the only way to eradicate poverty. This step is highly praiseworthy. I wish the organization grows much further and develops to a deemed University.
Prof. SS Bari
Punjab University, Chandigarh

It is much more than that what I had heard. This is a place worth visiting and the movement, worth taking a part in. Students of villages are being given free education and all other facilities. The Rural School results are highly impressive. Government of India, Indian State Governments & Punjab Chief Minister should adopt this as a Model. Foreign students are happy. Baba Iqbal Singh is a blessed soul. May Satguru give all success to The Kalgidhar Trust!
Tarlochan Singh MP (RS) 
Former Chairman, National Minorities Commission,
New Delhi

Today I had the good fortune of visiting Baru Sahib which is developing into a place of high learning and excellence. I am sure that with the blessings of "Akal-Purkh" (Almighty)and hard work of the Sangat(volunteers), this place will not only be a place of learning but shall also develop into a Holy Place "TirathSthal" in the coming years. May God Shower His Blessings on all!
Prof. PK Dhumal
Chief Minister, 
Himachal Pradesh





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