To embed values in a child when his mental software is being formed and neuron pathways are getting generated. A child with such seeds embedded within, will be a good, harmonious, happy and productive human being. He will catalyze positive change wherever he goes, through the qualities that he will demonstrate and live by.
Let's together build India's first value based education chain for rural transformation.







Our Approach

-Value based education
Values Today.For a Valuable Tomorrow.
Eternal Charitable Foundation has developed a value based education system combined with modern scientific English language based CBSE curriculum.

-Our method.
It is a combination of Spirituality and Scientific Education.
For us spirituality is the control of ego and vices. Of learning how to be a good human being who cares for humanity and the environment.
The process involves a disciplined practice of prayer and mental affirmations. The scientific education is through an alignment with the CBSE curriculum and a focus on sports and the creative arts, especially music.

-Our Teachers act as Role Models for our students
As a culture, in ancient India, children learnt values from their revered teachers, who demonstrated them, by living them.
Our teachers undergo a rigorous short-term teachers training program (3 months), long-term teachers training program (3  5 years). Bi-annually they undergo a refresher course under strict academic monitoring. This program also ensures that we have quality teachers available in Rural areas.
From different backgrounds and ethnicities, the teachers are expected to be, and understand the need to be role models for the values that the children are taught.It also leads to women empowerment as these teachers, from poor backgrounds themselves, are now able to earn a decent living and are support their families. This is significant when one considers the social fact that both Haryana and Punjab have the worst female-male sex ratio in India and have high cases of female feticide.
It's no surprise that these teachers are now helping the schools produce some spectacular results.

-Interfaith; God is One
We practice spiritual strivings, but not religious rituals. Children from all faiths study at our schools and learn to live harmoniously and flower into good, happy and productive human beings who contribute towards creating a better world. They develop a strong moral fiber and inner core strength, which we believe will support them throughout their life.Children are made to practice principles of interfaith understanding, tolerance for others, mutual respect and harmony.
It is mandatory that all students must respect and accept all other religions of the world and at the same time must protect, guard and allow the free-practice of the customs and rituals of others.Students are taught to love all creation as God's own manifestation. Acceptance of all faiths, and interfaith tolerance and understanding are basic to the spiritual uplift of these impressionable young minds. There is a remarkable consistency in the pursuit of these ideals and in the defence of the right to free worship of people of all faiths.

-Why traditional school uniforms?
We use traditional Indian attireas a common uniform for both boys and girls in our schools, proclaiming gender equality . On one hand it is caters to the sensitivity of the rural society towards westernized culture-shock, totally non-provocative and on the other hand it essentially protects the body from extreme weather.It is not only economical but also gels with the rural environs.

-Does it work?
A simple dialogue with any child, from any school, will prove it. Each day children are moving one step higher on the ladder of humanity. They are ingrained with values of honesty, par-upkar, sensitivity towards others, inward thinking, power of confessions and at the same time are highly scholastic and with scientific temperaments. They characterize and practice ,Simple Living , High Thinking!.







Rural School Education 

To establish permanent peace in the world through value based education and spiritual rejuvenation, creating good global citizens.

To meet the need of the hour, Eternal Charitable Foundation has brought low cost quality education to the doorstep of the rural poor through the chain of its Akal Academies. The belief that the model has worked in the desired manner is reinforced by just a walk across any Akal Academy campus, which is an absorbing experience.

The atmosphere is distinct, simple with modest uncomplicated approach, rich with the spirit of potential, the heritage of past achievements, and the vitality of inquiry and discovery. So much happens here.

This rural school holds the promise of a different life. A sophomore discovers inner peace and happiness. An inquisitive child identifies the power to unburden by confession. An asthma patient lives longer and better. An artist creates unforeseen beauty. An old couple realizes the real essence of their lives. A teacher hones a revolutionary theory. A widow finds her esteem restored. An athlete achieves a championship dream.

Eternal Charitable Foundation is an unsung unassuming fountainhead that for decades now has been advancing all aspects of life: education, health, socio-economic-moral empowerment. We map the child's heart to create an enabler that spreads love and compassion. We examine the society around us, its advantages and its threats, and develop ways to make the globe a safer, peaceful, sustainable, sensitive, more equitable place. Our 60,000 students explore the finer aspects of micro-organisms, Newton's laws, Polonium, the new entrant in the periodic table and the subtle issues of human values, pardon, inner awakening; all in the same breath.

Our 129 schools or shrines of education nurture and attract the simplest and most deprived human talent and open a window to science, art and elevated thinking. Our libraries connect scholars from rural rustic background across global developments. Faculty in our schools and colleges motivate, stimulate and challenge our students, who respond by exploring worlds inner and outer, they never before imagined. Our alumni are equally outstanding, shaping society with their leadership; creativity and innovation yet remain firmly rooted to the basic values and stand out with their simplicity and sensitivity.

It is this breadth of accomplishment and activity - in young rustic unsung heroes and beyond - that separates Akal Academy from other institutions.

Students and faculty have the opportunity to achieve more at Akal Academy than anywhere else to transform their society and community. This is why our campaign is KINETISING TOMMORROW!.

Subsidies to weaker sections:
Although thousands of our students especially girl students are already taking scholarships; ECF has embarked on a novel program in 2013 that reaches out to weaker sections. It has decided to pledge Free Education (including books, stationery, uniforms) till class XII (from KG) for the children from weaker sections of the society. This means every year each school pledges Rs. 35 lakhs per year for 140 class-years per school.

Self-Sustainability- An imperative, ensured:
Considering how imperative it is for these schools to be self-sustaining, we have designed a model for their operation ensuring that not only are they able to support themselves after a period of time, but also their prospective sisters.

We seed our schools with infrastructure, curriculum, trained teachers and systems for their early years of operation. These schools become sustainable in 3-5 years depending upon their locations and availability of resources. It ensures their longevity and growth.








Higher Education

The first private University under ECF was established in 2008, in Sirmaur, an interior Himalayan region, and one of the most backward districts of the country. Presently, the University is imparting value-based education in 42 streams, offering higher educational opportunities to our rural students, ushering the rural transformation.

College of Engineering &Technology (All Girls College):
"You educate a man, you educate a man. You educate a woman, you educate a generation"
- Brigham Young

The college promises to create "Better Engineers for Better Future" with emphasis on academic and technological excellence. Research and innovation is the main focus.

College of Nursing: The College of Nursing Studies was the first nursing college in the State of Himachal Pradesh. The college trains to provide necessary para-medical work-force, including Nurses, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Clinical Laboratory Technologists & Health Care Professionals in general.

College of Divine Music.
College of Music has been setup at Baru Sahib, wherein 500 underprivileged girls from rural background are provided free education& vocational training in music to ensure that they can earn their livelihood independently upon graduating.






Women Empowerment

Institute of Rural Women Empowerment This institution registered under Eternal University is aimed at upliftment and empowerment of rural women. Under the aegis of this institution, the selected girls are enrolled in the Eternal University to pursue B.A. (Arts), B.Sc. (Med & Non-Med), B.Sc. Eco (Hons) & B.A. /M.A. (Music), ETT (Elementary Teacher Training).
After completing B.A. (Music) they are given additional training in ancient string instruments and are also provided training in the Teachers, Training Centre, Cheema Sahib & Mohali on spiritual studies and other programs related to it. Similar, paradigm is followed for the girls enrolled in the ETT program.
About 150-200 students are trained, in rotation at our training institute at Mohali, which is affiliated to the Cambridge University of UK, in collaboration with The Helga Todd Foundation.The Helga Todd Foundation provides Master Trainers from England and after completion of 2 Years of training the Cambridge University awards certificate to these girls.

Teacher's Training Center:
This institution has been set up by ECF with the objective to explore and train rural needy high school girls. They are given free of cost training to improve their English and acquire skills in elementary teaching.
This unique program for elementary level, free teachers' training now has 2000 Class X & XII girls belonging to the lower strata of society from remote rural areas of Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh. They are given intensive training in English language and communication skills, modern teaching methodology and computer education. They are uplifted in spiritual concept, moral values and dedicated services to humanity with compassion and love, with a thought that teachers should be role models in all aspects not only for the students but for the society also. Every year, hundreds of girls from backward rural areas are admitted for imparting such training and employing them in schools, to ensure that the girl child should not be a burden on society but an earning hand, not only for the parents but also for the society. Their educational, medical, physical and dietary needs including boarding/lodging and clothing etc. are provided free of cost by ECF.
On completion of the training, they are certified by ECF as trainers fit for teaching elementary level students and are offered employment within the schools.





Health Care

Charitable Hospital: It is a fully functional hospital with all state-of-the art ultra-modern medical facilities and the only available medical care after Solan (65 kms). It provides medical care to the poor patients of the rural areas of backward Himalayan region. These patients and their attendants travel to the hospital from the remote, far-flung areas to take treatment for various ailments and get cured.

Medical Camps: In addition to routine services, general medical camps and Ophthalmologic camps are organized 5-6 times a year. These camps see specialists with various medical specializations from USA, Canada, UK, Jalandhar, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Delhi and Mumbai. Around 2500 patients benefit and more than 100 operations are carried out free of cost in each of these camps.





Green Initiatives

Solar Energy utilization in India has been growing steadily over the last two decades. A wide variety of technologies have been developed and some of these have reached maturity and user-friendly status. The technologies are suitable for decentralized applications and have no negative impact on the environment. Both solar thermal and photovoltaic applications have large potential in the country.

Since ECF focuses at promoting education and development in rural areas, which primarily have to bear the brunt of electricity and power cuts due to supply constraints, the organization has established the Institute of Renewable Energy and Research,to facilitate research and implementation of eco-friendly and scalable technologies for harnessing renewable energy, to compensate for power shortages in the intervention areas.

Projects Update
As of date, ECF operates the following renewable energy systems:
- Himachal's largest standalone SPV Power Generation of 200 KW
- Solar water heating System - 18,000 liters/day
- Dish type Solar cookers - 6 nos.
- Scheffler-Type Solar Heat Concentrator - 2 Nos.
- Solar Street Lights - 16 Nos.
- Solar PV Domestic Lights - 10 Nos.
- Solar steam boilers
  And many small non-conventional energy utilization programs.

Project Outcomes
Tapping solar energyto generate standalone power for these schools has not only enabled themto save power that is in the deficit but also contributed towards reducing the Carbon footprint in the area as these technologies are zero emission, pollution-free, nowhere, contributing to the existing and prevalent greenhouse effect. Assisted by qualified engineers, the organization has managed to become a hub of energy conservation activities in Himachal Pradesh. Soon, a proposal is in the offing to declare Baru Sahib as "Solar Village".


Rural Education

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